Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)

SOYUKAI Medical Corporation is making every effort to offer reliable medical treatment for patients. We believe that proper protection and management of “patient personal information” is essential. For this reason, our clinics have established the following personal information protection policy and will strive to ensure their performance.

1. On obtaining patient personal information

We use patient personal information within the scope of examination, nursing care, and medical treatment for patients. We will notify and obtain consent from the patients if we need to use the information for other purposes. The above rules also apply when patients disclose their personal information through our website.

2. Usage and disclosure of patient personal information

We do not use patient personal information beyond the original purposes except in the following situations.

  • When we obtain patient consent
  • When modifications*¹ apply to patient information so that the individual will no longer be identified
  • When responding to disclosure requests stemming from legal obligations

We will not disclose patient information to a third-party*² without the patient’s prior consent, except for cases arising from a legal obligation, etc.

3. Appropriate management of patient personal information

We will maintain accurate and updated patient personal information and strive to prevent leaks, loss, destruction, falsification, and unauthorized access to the information.

4. Verification and correction of the patient’s information

When our patients request disclosure of his/her/their personal information maintained at our clinics, we will verify the details and respond without delay. When there is a patient request for correction due to, for example, containing incorrect information, we will respond to such requests after proper investigation.

5. Reception desk for inquiries

For inquiries regarding our patient information protection policy and individual patient cases, please contact our reception desk or e-mail us at

6. Compliance with laws and improvement of the personal information protection system

We will comply with Japanese laws and other practices regarding the protection of personal information and review the above items as appropriate to improve the personal information protection system continuously.

*1. It refers to the subject of information that cannot be identified by any method, rather than simply anonymizing by erasing only the individual name and other personal information.

*2. Third-party refers to anyone other than the information subjects and the recipient (business operator). It refers to an organization or an individual who does not correspond to the original purpose of the use or does not obtain consent to use personal information from the information subject.

* This policy applies not only to patients but also to clinical staff and all others related to our clinics.

HIRAHATA CLINIC’s purposes for using patient's personal information

1. Usage inside our clinics

  1. To provide healthcare services to our patients
  2. For healthcare insurance paperwork
  3. Accounting/bookkeeping
  4. To report on healthcare accidents, etc.
  5. To improve our healthcare services to the patients
  6. To conduct research at our clinics to enhance our healthcare quality
  7. For other administrative purposes relating to patients

2. Provision of information outside our clinics

  1. To cooperate with our partner medical institutions including other hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, home nursing services, and caregiving service providers
  2. To respond to inquiries from other medical institutions
  3. When we need to seek opinions and advice from doctors of other institutions
  4. When we outsource specimen examination to other institutions
  5. When we explain a patient’s medical conditions to family members
  6. For outsourcing administrative operations related to health insurance
  7. When we submit medical bills to the insurance medical fee funds that audit payment details
  8. When we respond to inquiries from the insurance medical fee funds or insurance managing entities
  9. Health-checkup results of employees with business entities that have a contract with us for annual health checkups
  10. When we consult or file paperwork to healthcare specialist organizations or insurance companies regarding application of malpractice insurance
  11. For other matters, such as administration relating to healthcare insurance for patients

3. Other usages of patient personal information

  1. To create data to improve and maintain our service operations, medical treatments, and caregiving services
  2. Providing information for external audits

If any of the above content is against the patient’s will to provide consent, the patient shall inform us.

If a patient does not raise objections concerning any content stated above, we will presume that the patient has given consent.

Patients can withdraw or change their prior consent at any time later.