Telemedicine Services Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Summary)

  • All accesses to and use of HIRAHATA CLINIC telemedicine services online/by telephone (hereinafter referred to as “the services”) should be conducted after reading and understanding these Terms and Conditions. Please refrain from using the services if you do not agree with the details of these Terms and Conditions.

  • SOYUKAI Medical Corporation reserves the rights to, without prior notice, revise these Terms and Condition and information of the services at any time. SOYUKAI Medical Corporation may also add new services, as well as change and discontinue current services and programs without advance announcements.

  • Users who are minors (under the age of twenty) can only use the services by obtaining prior consent (including the agreement on Terms and Conditions) from parents or legal guardians. In addition, in case the patient, who was minor upon the time of consent to this Terms and Conditions, used this service after the age of a legal adult, the usage during the period as minor is deemed to be ratified.

Article 2 (Handling of confidential information)

  • Upon request from our clinic, you shall provide accurate personal information, including your address and contacts (hereinafter referred to as “patient information”).

  • Please promptly notify our clinic for any changes on the submitted information.

  • We promise to exercise the utmost care and attention to our security measures to ensure the safe management of all patient information and collected service usage data (hereinafter referred to as “usage status”). You shall agree that we may use or disclose to third parties all or part(s) of your data and usage status for the following specified purposes in addition to the those stated in our Privacy Policy and the service provision.

    • When contacting you by e-mail, post, LINE text messages, phone, etc. for the purpose of changes in the service contents or emergency.
    • For statistical analysis for comprehending usage trends related to the services or necessities of the data providence to our business partners
    • When responding to disclosure requests stemmed from legal obligations
    • For proper management and operation of the services
    • For the prevention of illegal activities or nuisance; or for a favorable environment for other patients.
    • When we attained your consent in advance.

  • To use the services, you shall agree that our service software may collect and use your data.

Article 3 (Disclaimer)

  • SOYUKAI Medical Corporation assumes no liability for any failure or delays in the fulfillment of the service obligations beyond its control. Force majeure events include, but not limited to; government acts, wars, riots, strikes or labor disputes, technical troubles, internet unavailability, power outages, network disturbance, weather, floods, fires, explosions, natural disasters, regional emergencies, etc.

  • We do not guarantee any of the following.
    • No suspension of services
    • No errors in the services
    • No troubles in the use of the services, such as network disturbance
    • No flaw in the services
    • Data sent and received through the services shall be appropriately stored on a designated server without exception, or sent to and received by the other party, or displayed on the screen
    • No cyber-attacks such as unauthorized access/hacking to our website

  • Our clinic shall not be liable for any damages incurred by patients using the services. However, of the damages that have a significant causal relationship with the medical treatment administered by our clinic, damages from causes attributable to our clinic are excluded.

  • The services do not guarantee any permanent cure and cease of the treatment, nor does it guarantee that future medical treatment by our clinic will be started or continued.

  • Our clinic shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may occur in the event of security issues or damages caused by your action.

Article 4 (Prohibited items)

  • You shall not commit any of the following acts, or we will terminate all or part(s) of the services.
    • Providence of false information to our clinic, registered medical institutions, or registered doctors, etc.
    • Acts of using the services to receive medical care for another person.
    • Acts of seeking unfair profits for oneself or a third party related to the use of this service.
    • Violation of intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and other rights or interests of others.
    • Malpractices including computer viruses and other harmful computer programs.
    • Acts of slandering an individual or organization
    • Recording video calls without doctor’s consent
    • Activating a third party to participate without approval from the doctor during video communication
    • Acts unrequested by the doctor or contrary to instructions, such as using the chat function and sending files (especially to an external URL)
    • Transfers of information obtained from the services to a third party beyond the service purposes, or for commercial purposes
    • Violation of public order and morals
    • Law violation
    • Acts that interfere with the operation of the services
    • All other actions that we consider to be inappropriate for a continuation of the service provision

Article 5 (Consultation)

  • Our clinic reserves the right to judge the applicability of the services. Please be mindful that, in some cases, the doctor may instruct you to have direct face-to-face consultation at our clinic before using the services.

  • Please also be noted that you may not be able to use the services for acute illnesses.

  • You shall agree that the doctor may suspend the services in the middle of the consultation and invite you for face-to-face meetings at our clinic based on the doctor’s assessment on the applicability of the online services.

  • You shall agree to switch to face-to-face consultation based on doctor’s judgment for obtaining necessary information about your physical and mental conditions, for performing a detailed assessment on changes in your physical conditions, or when internet connections are not stable.

  • You shall agree that upon the medical treatment via the services, you must cooperate with the doctor at the consultation and transfer the information regarding your physical and mental health.

  • Our clinic assumes no liability for any damages on the service users when they or their family do not follow the instructions from our clinic.

  • You shall agree that you may not receive optimal medical consultation when compared with the face-to-face medical consultation, such as when image transfers are unclear due to the specifications of communication devices, etc.

  • Please be mindful that consultations may be difficult and time-consuming, depending on the categories of the diseases.

Article 6 (Governing Law)

  • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Article 7 (Jurisdiction)

  • The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for disputes relating to Terms and Conditions.

Article 8 (Language)

  • Japanese shall be the main language of these Terms and Conditions. The parties waive the right to use and rely upon any other language or translation.