Telemedicine Steps

1. Registration

Click the link below to start online medicine registration.

Talk to the Doctor

2. Before consultation

After you submit the registration form, we will send you a confirmation email from

Your name will be placed on our consultation waiting list containing outpatients and online patients together in sequential order. When it is about your turn, our staff will call you for short guidance. Please stand by your phone. If you miss our call, do not worry. We will contact you again later. We call from one of the following telephone numbers: 03-3400-3288 (primary), or a clinic cell phone number ending in “5247.”

How long will I wait for the consultation?

Our doctors see outpatients and online patients in sequential order. The approximate waiting time is shown below. If you wish to shorten the waiting time, please leave a blank at the “select a doctor” section of the registration form. The first available doctor will see you in the case.

[Telemedicine Waiting Time]
  • Dr. Hirahata (Clinic Director):
    about 8-12 hours
  • Other Doctors:
    about 1-8 hours

3. Consultation

The online consultation is carried through the video call app, “Whereby,” if you request our translation service or when a doctor thinks that the video call is appropriate. By clicking the link we send, you can enter the online consultation room (You do not need to install the app).

4. Payment

After consultation, we will email you the bill (please note that it may take few hours to receive the email). When you receive the invoice, please click the link to enter your credit card information. Our staff will send your prescription to the designated pharmacy via FAX and post (accordingly with Japanese law) upon payment confirmation.

5. Medication Pick-up or Delivery

Please pick up your medication at the designated pharmacy within business hours (prescription is valid for four days). If you select a medication delivery service, a pharmacist will call you for service confirmation.
You will be billed for the medication (and delivery fee) separately from the pharmacy.

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