Home Finger-prick Blood Test

We offer blood testing kit that can be performed at your home. This is something you would normally have at an outpatient setting at clinics/hospitals.

* This is not a PCR test or antibody test for the new coronavirus.

The test covers general blood test items that are usually performed at outpatient settings for hypertension, dyslipidemia (hyperlipidemia), mild diabetes, etc. If there are items you want to add, you will need to visit us for a direct blood sampling at Shibuya Hirahata Clinic

If you find it difficult to visit us, we can write a referral letter so that you can be tested at another clinics.

Self-blood sampling is very easy

Collect 1-2 drops of blood from your fingertip using the small needle provided in the test kit.

All you have to do is collect 1-2 drops (0.065 ml) of blood from your fingertip and set them in the designated test kit.

Some people may feel a slight sting when drawing blood, but most people find the pain almost nonexistent or mild. In case we find that the blood sample sent is not sufficient, we will send back a new kit free of charge.

Our test kit ensures high reliable quality results

  1. Manufactured by Fuji Film
  2. Approved by Japan Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare
  3. The world's first technology that succeeded in multi-item measurement with instant plasma separation and obtained patents in Japan, the US, Europe and Korea
  4. Providing the world-class inspection accuracy that passed the CDC (American Center for Disease Control and Prevention) lipid standard test

Test Items

Here are 14 blood test items included in the test.**

**HIV testing is not included.
   Genetic testing is not included.

  1. Lipid Panel
    • Triglyceride (TG)
    • T-cholesterol (T-cho)
    • HDL cholesterol
    • LDL cholesterol
  2. Liver Function
    • AST (GOT)
    • ALT (GPT)
    • γ-GTP
  3. Kidney Function
    • Creatinine (Crea)
    • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
  4. Diabetes/Glucose metabolism
    • Blood Glucose (Glu)
    • Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)
  5. Gout
    • Uric Acid (UA)
  6. Protein Metabolist
    • Total Protein
    • Albumin (Alb)


The blood testing fee is 7,700 yen (incl. kit, delivery fee, and test results) and is applicable for the medical deductions upon filing the annual tax return.

More Questions ?

For further information, please ask our doctors during the consultation.