Can you prescribe Avigan (favipiravir)?
No. Avigan (favipiravir) is not available at clinics in general.
Can you conduct PCR tests (new coronavirus tests)?
If the criteria is met, our doctors can write a referral letter to order the test. For those who do not meet the criteria, we are sorry, but we cannot order thetest.
Can you prescribe sleeping pills?
Yes. However, please note that we cannot prescribe new sleeping pills that youhave never been prescribed from us. You also need to pick up the medication at your regular pharmacy.
Please make sure to ask your pharmacy in advance whether you can receive thesleeping pills to be prescribed through telemedicine services.
How do we make payments?
After the consultation, we will send you a bill via e-mail.
Click the link in the e-mail and enter your credit card information to complete your payment.
After the payment is confirmed, we will fax/mail your prescription to the designated pharmacy.
My pharmacist asked me about an original copy of the prescription. What should I do?
We will send the original copy of your prescription by courier directly to your pharmacy.
May I use credit cards other than VISA or Mastercard?
We plan to add some more types of credit cards soon.
How much does it all cost?
(a) Medical Consultation Fee, incl. prescription (varies according to the content)*
(b) Administration Fee (1,000 yen) + Optional Translation Fee (1,800 yen) = 2,800 yen
Total = (a) + (b)

* For example, if you have insurance (30% coinsurance), your (a) medical consultation fee will be around 900 yen for first-time visit and 300 yen for subsequent visits. Please note that the medication fee, testing fee, etc. are not included in the above price.
How many days supply of medication can I get?
Under the direction of Japan Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, we can primarily prescribe medication for 7 days.
For chronic diseases, such as lifestyle-related diseases, we can prescribe for a longer period (the maximum is for 60 days), if you submit us documents to show your previous treatment history.